JOY makes you move. ATATÁ makes you move.

ATATÁ is an explosion of rhythms and melodies. Miscegenation in the vein, the fusion of electronic music with melodic Afro Brazilian tastes, presents a sound tasting experience full of malevolence… rich, danceable, magical.

On stage, she is an intense figure, making her show a fantastic spetacle full of energy, joy and fun. She uses percussion instruments such as tambourines, triangles, rattles and other unusual instruments such as frying pans, demijohns and plastic bottles, as well as a microphone to interact with the crowd.

ATATÁ makes soundx for the dance floor, in a delicious ritual of electronic drumming. Passionate about music as medicine, she loves long mixes in House, Techno and Trance frequencies. Music to close your eyes, dance, relax, heal body and soul. Her visceral performance has featured on stages in countries such as India, Spain, England, France, Nepal, Germany, Austria and Thailand. And much more to come…

The study of musical scores began at the Renato Frateschi Music Conservatory at the age of 9, with music theory, piano, acoustic guitar, drums and choir. She soon joined SoundCenter and started playing keyboard, organ and acoustic guitar. Afterwards, she studied bass, ukulele, electric guitar, drums, choir and keyboard at Musiflex in capital of Brazil. She composes, experiments and creates textures with melodic sounds by experimenting various rhythms. She is currently improving her production studies in electronic music at the SAE Institute Barcelona.

The wave is up!

Break it all down on 2 dancefloors at the Universo Paralello Festival with Progressive Trance on a packed dance floor. And at Alternativa she mixes Afro house, Tech House and Melodic Techno presenting her own compositions. To watch, just click on the YouTube channel. At the Festival do Futuro, the inauguration party of the current president of Brazil, she performed for more than 350,000 people in Brasília, playing her own original tech house.

She presents the program about e-music, culture and art “ATATÁ MUSICX” which airs on the social networks Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and on TV Channel 12 of NET in Brazil by TVCOMDF.

News soon. Lots of good tracks coming out. Move!

For more information and music, just follow @atatamusicx on social media.




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Launch on January by IxcheL Music Record Label